Our research uses theory and simulations to elucidate the interplay between the material composition, dynamics, form, and emergent function in living systems and their synthetic analogs.

Self-assembly of

life-like structures

Geometrical formulations of growth and form in dynamic reaction-diffusion environments

Soft bioinspired

& biological matter

Theory of shape change and complex sensing in soft animate & synthetic systems

Physical and biological suspensions

Fluid dynamics of patterning & spreading


C. Nadir Kaplan

Assistant Professor

Virginia Tech Physics

Wenya Shu

Postdoctoral Fellow

Chinmay Katke

Graduate Research Assistant

Prospective member

nadirkaplan at vt dot edu


Postdoctoral researchers

We have currently no active search. Still, we would be happy to support applications for external funding. Interested candidates should contact Nadir Kaplan at

nadirkaplan at vt dot edu


We are actively recruiting graduate students with full research and teaching fellowship support. For more information, send an email to nadirkaplan at vt dot edu. Visit our Research page to learn more about our work.



Biomaterials theory lab
Department of Physics
at Virginia Tech

C. Nadir Kaplan, P.I.

Robeson Hall 211
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nadirkaplan at vt dot edu